Applications: High Speed Data / Communication Networks
Applications: General Purpose Co-Ax, Interconnections of Electronic Equipment & Instruments
Applications: Interconnection of Security and Allied Equipment
Compliant 75°C PVC to AS3808
Flat 450/750 Volt (BWA) : RoHS Compliant 90°C PVC to AS3808
Applications: Interconnection of Electronic Equipment and Instruments
Applications: Data Communication, Balanced Mode, Low Capacitance
Applications: Security Systems, Control and Communications Equipment, Access Control, Detection and Monitoring
Applications: Data Communication, Industrial Equipment Control
Applications: Data Communication, Low Capacitance
Oxygen Free Plain Copper Wire to AS1125
RoHS Compliant 75°C PVC to AS3808 and S008
CCL A93/CA/0059 (3 Pair)
Applications: Security Control with Signal Integrity
Conductor: Tinned Copper Wire to AS1125
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