Application: Hi-Fi Speaker Connection and Home Theatre Installations  
Conductor: Oxygen Free Plain Copper Wire to AS1125    
Insulation: RoHS Compliant Polyethylene to AS3808 for enhanced signal integrity
Core Colours: 2 Core: Red, Black;         
Inner Sheath: V90HT Extra Flexible Sheath to AS3808    
Inner Colour: Natural          
Sheath: V90HT Extra Flexible Sheath to AS3808    
Sheath Colour: Tan          
Packs: 50, 100 metres        

AKS CODE Cores Conductor No. / Dia (mm) Nominal Area (mm²) Insulation Thickness (mm) Sheath Thickness (mm) Electrical Resistance at 20°C (ohm/km) Nominal O.D. (mm) Mass (kg/100m) STOCK ITEM
LLU2140015 2 140/0.15 2.47 0.6 1 7.5 9 12.9

Linear Crystal  
Loop Conductor Resistance MilliOhm/metre 15  
Capacitance pF/metre 90  
Series Inductance Micro Henry/metre 7  
Losses into 4 Ohm Resistance Load dB/metre dB/metre  
  10Hz 0.023  
  100Hz 0.024  
  1kHz 0.044  
  10kHz 0.35  
  100kHz 2.6  
Conductor Resistance (Maximum at 20°C) 7.5 Ohms per KM  

NB: Losses will vary from those shown due to variation of the speaker impedance with frequency. Generally the impedance will rise with increasing frequency thus reducing the losses by a factor depending upon the characteristics of the individual speaker.

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